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The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart,
Waking Down, and You

a mini-course preview of
The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart multimedia course

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"The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart,
Waking Down, and You"

an audio mini-course by Saniel Bonder
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The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart
Key Points

Key points

About The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart course
If you found this short introduction interesting, you might want to look into The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart 13-session multimedia course with Saniel Bonder assisted by Linda Groves-Bonder, which goes way deeper into this revelatory transmission and teaching.

The first session begins with a very brief overview of the four triads and twelve "mysterious gateways to advanced evolutionary emergence" in this Yoga. Most of the session is devoted to the first gateway, "The Heart." Each of the eleven subsequent sessions focuses on the next following gateway. They freely include relevant themes from the total White-Hot Yoga of the Heart, Waking Down, and traditional references as well. The final session is a wrap-up, review and look forward into possible next steps.

Each session has two parts: an hour-long presentation of the course material by Saniel, and a 75-minute Q&A conversation with the whole group. Presentations are available in both audio and video format and text transcriptions; conversation are available as audio and text.

More information

If you're interested in learning more about the White-Hot Yoga of the Heart multimedia course, please follow the "More information" link to our webpage. There you can read all about it and, if you feel called, get all the information you need to register. If you're already committed, you can simply register here.

How We See You
Whether you choose to take this course or not, here, as Saniel wrote in the Introduction to "The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart" nearly 20 years ago, is how we see You:
This, then, is the ground and foundation of The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart:

You are the Onlyness itself. You are Being. You are indeed the Supreme and Only Being and Reality. You are a marvelous, miraculous admixture of infinitely subjective Spirit-Intelligence and apparently objective Matter or finite Form, appearing as the distinct and unique human one that you alone are. You are the unborn and therefore deathless Onlyness of All-Being, and you are also the precise and very mortal, individual human being that you appear to be. You are here to manifest the unimaginable miracle of divine Self-Being and sacred Communion in human form, for the benefit and delight of all beings everywhere.

In order to demonstrate all the glory of divine existence and relationship in the play of cosmic phenomena, you have dared to take human birth in the raw geo-psychic soil of the New World, the West; or you have moved here; or you find yourself aligned to what we might characterize as the "Western" disposition of life-positive, participatory, active, involved embodiment.

Thank you for daring to appear here... I propose that if each one of us will have the courage to celebrate our own Heart's freedom to love to the fullest possible degree, then that very celebration will yield marvels of healing and transformation that we presently hardly even dare to conceive...

So I say to each one who reads these words: it all depends on

— "The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart," 2007 paperback edition, pp. 4-5

Blessings on your Journey, much love, and deep gratitude for your daring,

and The Human Sun Institute Team

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