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Where We Are Now, Where We’re Heading, and What This Can Mean for You

a recorded conference call with Saniel Bonder, Linda Groves-Bonder, and members of the Waking Down® community

A message from Saniel and Linda

This year we’re launching a series of new events, “The HEART of Waking Down in Mutuality Weekend Retreats,” in several locations around the country. On February 20, 2018, we held a special free conference call to introduce those events. The call focused on what’s happening with the Waking Down in Mutuality work now, the exciting developments underway for the near future, and, most importantly, what all this can mean for you. There were plenty of questions and comments from those listening in. saniel and linda on sofa

The two of us co-founders of Human Sun Institute led the call and were joined by seven colleagues who are moving into mentoring and teaching with them. Some of their comments are included below. Others who have been participating in this next expression of Waking Down for some time also spoke on the call.

We heartily welcome you to listen to this recording!

With heartfelt love and blessings,

Waking Down in Mutuality: Where We Are Now,
Where We’re Heading, and What This Can Mean for You

Comments from emerging teachers of Waking Down in Mutuality

“The emergence of the Heart” jed bentley

The tumultuous differentiation process in this work over the last few years has been difficult on many of us. But it's a differentiation that I believe, in the big picture, is for the best.

The emergence of the Heart as the foundation for Waking Down is beyond exciting for me. This has been my passion since getting involved in this work, and it is deeply gratifying to now be developing structures to share this Heart-awakening with anyone who desires it. I hope you’ll listen to this recording soon.

– Jed Bentley, Orinda, CA

Deidra Heustis “Something big is going on here”

I didn't expect this kind of next step. Even though I’d been talking about it with Saniel and Linda on and off for a while, I thought I had pretty much retired as a teacher after 16 years. But Being has been blasting me with a Supercharged Transmission Power for the last week, making it absolutely clear, something big is going on here! And I am called to serve with Saniel and Linda as part of a small but intensely dedicated, brilliant group of upcoming teachers and mentors given over to the Heart and ready to serve You.

I dearly hope you will listen to this recording and find out if your heart feels moved to be with us at one of our upcoming weekends this year.

– Deidra Huestis, Albuquerque, NM

dan will “A powerful second transformational wind:  
The HEART of Waking Down in Mutuality Weekend Retreat”

Many moons ago a powerful wind blew through my life inundating me with hope and possibilities. At that time a tremendous personal transformation began, including my participation with Saniel and Linda starting in 1999. That portal to my interior spiritual life and also outward expression continues to this day.

It was my privilege and blessing to serve as a member of what was the Waking Down Teachers Association for more than 15 years. Over this last year, working in close relationship with Saniel and Linda and other great people on their Heart Team, I have encountered deeper expressions of my own heart relatedness and fallen deeper into the mystery of self and other, freeing me to explore new layers of whole body, whole life awakening.

Now The HEART of Waking Down in Mutually Weekend Retreat feels so much like a powerful second transformational wind. I’m delighted to be moving into serving as a Waking Down Transmitter-Teacher with Saniel and Linda and others in Human Sun Institute, and I'll be part of the teaching team at the Weekend Retreat in the DC area in mid-April. You’ll get to see and feel at this event how the Heart can be such an important real foundation of Waking Down in Mutuality for you. And you’ll learn more about where Waking Down in Mutuality fits in the total Human Sun Heart Way that Saniel and Linda and our team are mapping out.

This Way also includes new routes to Optimal Total Wellness, Down to Earth Spirituality, and The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart, for the mutual and awakened expression of my/your/our blessings and gifts. The evolutionary next step of this four-pathway journey maps a direct route to joy, alleviating unnecessary suffering, and illuminates a path to becoming a White Hot Human Sun.

The HEART of Waking Down in Mutuality Weekend Retreat is a new opportunity to investigate and take next steps in your unique whole being adventure. I am unabashedly, wholeheartedly giddy with the openings and possibilities this weekend retreat presents. A playful note of ‘caution’: the mutuality will flow, love and holding will be abundant, and direct transmission of awakening and plain old human realness will be transformational.

– Dan Will, Alexandria, VA

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The HEART of Waking Down in Mutuality Weekend Retreats

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DC area: April 13-15, 2018
Chicago area: June 8-10, 2018
Albuquerque area: Sept. 28-30, 2018

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