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the Waking Down in Mutuality Seminar

a 13-session multimedia course with
Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

On this page, we're pleased to offer the first presentation of the Waking Down in Mutuality® Seminar, as a preview of the 13-session course being offered by Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder.

What is the Waking Down in Mutuality Seminar About?

This seminar is the third of four foundational, source-teaching courses we are creating for our Human Sun Institute Core Curriculum. Originally, it was titled “The Human Sun Seminar.” But in early 2016 we decided that its name should reflect what the course is really all about — the principles and teachings of the formal tradition of Waking Down in Mutuality.

We're now presenting the material with up-to-date, refreshed content and in the seminar format that has become our potent standard for interactive, online-based learning. Some of the things that we discuss in the course:
  • the Heart as the foundation of this work, and the nature and primacy of transmission
  • why it's so important for our daily well-being to deeply comprehend this work as a breakthrough departure from 5,000+ years of hypermasculine dharma in both East and West
  • what makes the core wound such a radical new discovery, and why it is so profoundly difficult, because of that, for even brilliant and deeply awakened people in other paths to comprehend what this Way is all about
  • what the Second Birth is and what it isn't
  • why consciousness in and of itself does not “contain” the totality of our access to the infinite dimensions of our nature
  • the differences between the real meanings of so much of the terminology of this path and what might be called the “street dharma” of popular misconceptions  among practitioners!
  • the advent of much more sophisticated and bodily based psychological understanding of our “broken zones” and shadow material, and what this means for “Down” work today both before and even long after awakening

Course Format

The first session is devoted to an overview of the four triads and twelve gateways to awakened freedom, wholeness, and love in this path. Each of the twelve subsequent sessions focuses on the next following gateway and touch on other gateways than pertain to that week's when needed. The final session will end with a wrap-up and review, and a look ahead to possible next steps in your study, practice, realization and embodiment of Waking Down in Mutuality.

Each course session has two parts: a presentation of the course material by Saniel and Linda Ma, and a recording of a 90-minute teleconference conversation with the original live course led by the two of them.

Presentation #1 of the Waking Down in Mutuality Seminar

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