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The Great Relief Hero's Journey virtual seminar

– a live 10-session telecourse with Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder

September 8 - November 10, 2015

Here's how the course works

Each week starting the first week in September 2015, we will record a Great Relief Hero's Journey Virtual Seminar session "presentation" and post it on the seminar webpage. One week later, that session's live teleconference "conversation" will be held, which will be also be recorded and posted. Course materials also include an ebook of Great Relief: Nine Sacred Secret Your Body Wants You to Know.

Course materials

Course format

Each session consists of two parts: a prerecorded presentation of the course material by Saniel and Linda, each lasting at least a half hour and perhaps up to an hour, and a 75-minute teleconference conversation with the whole group. The course material related to each conversation will be posted on the course webpage at least one week before the conversation so it can be studied in advance.

The presentations will be posted in video, audio, and text transcript formats. The teleconference calls will be recorded and posted in audio, and text transcript formats.

Course schedule

The live part of the course consists of ten teleconference conversations with Saniel, Linda and the group on ten consecutive Tuesday evenings, September 8 - November 10, 2015. Teleconferences begin at 6:00 pm Pacific time and go for 1½ hours.

Great Relief Hero's Journey Session #1

Linda Ma's presentation

Linda Groves-Bonder (Linda Ma) welcomes everyone to the 10-session Great Relief Hero's Journey Virtual Seminar. She speaks briefly about Saniel's book "Great Relief," the importance of these teachings on the core wound, and her early experience of the core wound that led her years ago to go so deeply into the work that Saniel had founded.

Linda's presentation is followed by a short gazing session.
Linda Ma's Presentation video Presentation transcript

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Saniel's presentation

Saniel opens the Great Relief Hero's Journey Virtual Seminar with explorations of the nature of the hero's or heroine's journey and an examination of Secret #1 of Great Relief: "Most Everybody Feels Like Something Is Wrong, Missing, or Unclear at the Core of Life Most of the Time."

Saniel introduces Great Relief and the 10 sessions of the Great Relief Hero's Journey Virtual Seminar, and tells the story of how Great Relief came to be published. He reads from and comments on Joseph Campbell, Richard Rohr -- particularly Rohr's comments on "necessary suffering" -- and Great Relief. He comments on the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism and the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Michael Brown. All are shown in light of our perspective on the core wound and its importance for our optimal whole-being growth and evolution.

Saniel's presentation has a short gazing session near the beginning.
Saniel's Presentation video Presentation transcript

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Live Conversation with the Group

Presentation transcript

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Thank you for your attention. We hope you are inspired to register for this extraordinary course.

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