Saniel Bonder

“An Evolutionary Leap in Spirituality Today”

The Four Quadrants of the
Human Sun Institute Core Curriculum

a 6-section teleseminar with Saniel Bonder


This is the first in a series of interviews with Saniel Bonder, founder of Waking Down in Mutuality and co-founder, along with his wife and partner Linda Groves-Bonder, of Human Sun Institute. The Institute’s mission is to “ease the pain and enhance the delight of living today, and awaken and empower leaders for tomorrow.”

Michael Schwartz The interviewer and host of the series is Michael Schwartz. Michael is a professor of the History and Philosophy of Art at Augusta State University in Georgia, co-founder of a leading-edge international philosophical association, and the Aesthetics Editor of Integral Life, the weekly e-zine of the Integral movement founded by Ken Wilber. Michael invited Saniel to use these conversations as a way to more fully express the evolutionary nature and implications of the Waking Down/Human Sun/White-Hot Teaching that he and Linda present and transmit.

Teleseminar Sessions

Section 1: The Breakthrough of Situating Spirituality in the Integral Lower Right Quadrant: Exterior Systems and Institutions

integral quadrants After an initial summary of the four Integral quadrants of personal and collective interiors and exteriors, Saniel speaks of his and Linda’s work to help advancing spiritual practitioners reorganize their personal inner and outer transformation and their work in the mutual, intersubjective “we” space in and from the Integral lower right quadrant: exterior systems and collective institutions. “What are you here for, and what practical steps are you taking right now to make your gifts available to others? What are you doing now to weave yourself optimally into the greater human society?”

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Section 2: Translating Advanced Teachings into the World on the World’s Own Terms

Michael comments on how Saniel’s summer 2012 TV interviews on an initial publicity tour for his novel, Ultimaya 1.0, exemplify the movement to focus on outer systems and institutions that he and Linda are making and calling others to consider. Saniel was interviewed about, of all things, coaching mothers on how to “triage their to-do lists.” He tells the unusual story of how working with his publicists led to this kind of access to mainstream audiences and his and Linda’s upcoming mainstream offerings of “Optimal Total Wellness™” -- and how all of that is entirely consistent with a crucial theme of their current intention to, in Michael’s words, “translate advanced teachings into the world on the world’s own terms.” Michael emphasizes that motherhood is an institution itself, and of course an immense one to influence.

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Section 3: Where Is All This Going?

Michael inquires about Saniel’s vision for the likely or potential outcome of these developments in the work. In the short term, Saniel suggests, we’ll see more and more awakened individuals gravitating, with grateful enthusiasm, into focused cultivation and expression of their gifts in practical, real-world terms. He speaks about the strong initial response to the upcoming inaugural 3-day event he and Linda are offering, “The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart for Awakening & Awakened Agents of Change,” as just one signal of a movement beyond mere embodiment into how we can “do” ourselves into the world in such a way that we fulfill our greater purposes while alive. Such work becomes a next advanced stage of spiritual practice, one that may “wind up integrating us both visibly and openly” with both the small circles of spirituality and the world in general. It’s a demonstration of what Wilber meant when he describes religion and spirituality as, optimally, a “conveyor belt” that moves us into greater evolutionary developments as human beings.

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Section 4: The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart Increasingly Refines a Conception-to-Death Understanding and Cultural Capacity to Serve a Whole Awakened Life

Michael asks if there is anything else Saniel wants to add in terms of the importance of the Integral lower right quadrant of collective exteriors. Saniel points out that the Human Sun Institute Core Curriculum’s four-quadrant grid is based not on the Integral quadrants, but was inspired by Steve Jobs’ approach to challenges he found at Apple in the late 1990s.

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Section 5: The Four-Quadrant Grid of Human Sun Institute’s Core Curriculum

core curriculum grid
Michael asks Saniel to summarize the four quadrant grid of the Human Sun Institute Core Curriculum: its basic and advanced version of Life-Enhancing offerings and trainings in the upper two quadrants, and its basic and advanced Life-Transforming offerings and trainings in the lower two quadrants. Saniel fills in a lot of details that most people have not likely heard before. (Note: Saniel uses the phrase “the energy of our spirituality” at one point; he meant to say “the enemy of our spirituality.”)

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Conclusion: An ‘Extremely Effective’ Way of Organizing These Teachings into a Mandala

Final words from Michael and Saniel about these new extensions and developments in Saniel and Linda’s Teaching.

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Saniel & Linda

Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder
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