Jesus/Mary Magdalene, Our Global Living Lineage of Amazing Helpers, and Your Unique Emergence as a Son or Daughter of Goddess and God

An 11-session audio course with Saniel Bonder, assisted by Linda Groves-Bonder
– 8 lessons and 3 bonus sessions, $198

WE ARE CHRISTING 2.0 is all about something that is totally central to our personal lives, our marriage, and our teaching partnership: the Path of Conscious Love. It sounds and is simple in essence, but it's full of complexity and paradox too.

What is Christing 2.0?

The phrase "CHRISTING 1.0" is a workable description of the whole age in which, at least from a traditional Christian perspective, only one person became "Christed" -- truly filled with such richness of Spirit that he, Jesus, became a living embodiment of divine and human Oneness. To millions, for centuries, he came to be regarded as the one and only Son of God; a lone divine Hero. Many continue to see him in that light today.

This course proposes that the age of "CHRISTING 2.0" is already underway: a time of the initial fulfillment of Jesus's prophecy, "You will all become sons and daughters of God and do greater things than I." And it proposes that many masters, saints, sages and divine beings from our whole Global Living Lineage of traditions and cultural histories are collaborating more and more to support each one of us in our unique journey toward such a Christed life -- whether we feel ourselves to be specifically Christian in any religious sense or not.

And that leads to a really important point: This course is not just for Christians. It's for everybody who wants to embody God-ness and Goddess-ness, who wants to manifest living Spirit in fullness and in the midst of ordinary, everyday living, and is happy to partake of and perhaps participate in this particular series of communications, to then do with what and as you will.

What is this course about?

The course is a Spirit-filled, Heart-transmission-rich adventure. We use as a primary text the groundbreaking book, The Meaning of Mary Magdalene: Discovering the Woman at the Heart of Christianity by Episcopal priest and deep contemplative Cynthia Bourgeault. Saniel feels this is without question one of the most important single books ever written about Jesus, Mary Magdalene as herself a profoundly awakened apostle as well as his personal beloved, and the exquisite "Path of Conscious Love" that they espoused together. (And, yes, that they may have "espoused" even literally.)

However, Bourgeault's book is recommended, not required. Her brilliant, mystically inspired scholarship and information from other sources are a supplement to our experience. This is a journey of practice, sharing, and the actual living exploration of such a path, not merely what anyone has said about it and about previous history. Most of the sessions include new practice components that you can work with at home; some are experimental, like the lead "Heart-Chant" that forms the core of Session One (see just below). You may find this course full of what one of our advanced students, Waking Down Interning Teacher Jed Bentley, calls "voltage"!

Also, while Saniel certainly weaves in teachings from Waking Down and our other, more personal teaching expressions, you need not have a background in our work to understand and enjoy the course. We respect that your own Path of Conscious Love and Way of Christing 2.0 may lead in quite other directions than ours. We are ecstatic to be able to offer our perspectives, assistance, and blessings on your Journey, wherever it may lead.

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Course curriculum

Session One: "We Are CHRISTING 2.0 -- A Heart-Chant Evoking Us All as Sons and Daughters of Goddess and God."

This is the first session of the course, which we're offering as a free gift to everyone interested. Here, Saniel and Linda Ma explore the meanings of the "We Are CHRISTING 2.0" heart-chant and how you can use it for your own transformation and growth. Saniel speaks of how both Jesus and Mary Magdalene have been crucial "amazing helpers" in his own process, both before awakening and ever since. Saniel actually came up with most of the chant for his own practice before he began seriously studying The Meaning of Mary Magdalene. There's also an experiential sharing by a course participant who is living out this Christing 2.0 process – a process that appears to be getting activated in so many people around the world. And lastly, Saniel and Linda briefly outline the curriculum for the remainder of the course.

Guest interviewee: Tovie Bentley, Waking Down Mentor and cranialsacral healer.

Click here for the lyrics of the heart-chant.

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Bonus Q&A Session

In this session, Saniel answers several questions from participants with some helpful comments from Linda Ma. Then two participants, Bland Tyree and Lucy Klemaier, share experiences and accounts of their own transformation and growth that led them to enroll in the "We Are Christing 2.0" telecourse.

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Session Two: Jesus and Mary Magdalene as Sage Beloveds -- The Astoundingly Fresh Wisdom of the Magdalenean Wisdom Gospels

From an evolutionary perspective, the officially long-banned Christian gospels attributed to Mary Magdalene, Thomas, and Philip, coming to light only in the late 19th and mid-20th centuries, are among the most important archaeological discoveries in human history. In this session we contemplate and practice with some of the most startling elements of those fragmentary texts. The vivid, extremely sophisticated yet simple teachings of Jesus in these gospels on becoming a divinely single being have few complete precedents in any culture, tradition, time or place. And then there is the heartbreaking foreshadowing of two thousand years of hypermasculine, ascetical hijacking of Jesus's teachings that we hear in Magdalene's dramatic arguments with certain male apostles. The gospels leave us with this stark image: "Mary Magdalene wept."

Guest interviewee: Subhaga (Crystal Bacon), advanced Waking Down practitioner, yoga teacher, poet, devotee of Amma

Session Three: From the Shadow of Split-ness to the Sun of Singleness

"When matter becomes as real, divine, and important as spirit -- to you!" These words from Saniel's book Healing the Spirit/Matter Split speak to a key transition in our current evolutionary transformation as a species. Person by person, body by body, we must outgrow the ancient chasms in our consciousness, character, culture, and even civilization, that split the single reality of all that IS into divided and often opposing camps: Spirit and Matter, mind and body, God and flesh, good and evil. This shift is crucial for humanity. In this session we explore how the ancient unitive wisdom of Jesus and Mary Magdalene gives us clarity about the necessity of this shift. And we learn and work with clues to how we can bring it to pass -- in our own bodies, minds, and hearts, and in our relationships and all human society.

Guest interviewee: Mercedes Kirkel, author of Mary Magdalene Beckons, former Waking Down teacher and now an awakened Mary Magdalene channel and independent teacher (www.mercedeskirkel.com).

Session Four: Beyond World-Renouncing Asceticism -- Kenosis and the World-Embracing Tantra of Conscious Love

Writing to an audience of predominantly self-identified Christians, Cynthia Bourgeault was reluctant in her book to use the word "tantra" to describe the Jesus/Mary Magdalene "Path of Conscious Love." But in our multi-cultural, inter-spiritual exploration of CHRISTING 2.0, we can make good use of that term -- and bring it to a whole next evolutionary expression in the context of "the Global Living Lineage." The rich meaning of "kenosis" we'll flesh out in this session will give all aspirants to deep embodiment of Spirit a much-enhanced framework of understanding and practice. CHRISTING 2.0 brings us into a Oneness that we've never known before -- as heart-and-guts cellular as it is sublime and numinous.

Guest interviewee: Bland Tyree, experienced Waking Down practitioner, workshop leader and therapist with a love for the Divine Feminine as She is emerging in the world today.

Session Five: To the Embodied Conscious Heart, There Is No False Self and Never Was

At this point, halfway through the telecourse, we want to dive more deeply into some of the most central perspectives of Saniel and Linda Ma's own teachings in the advanced dimensions of their work, which they call "The White-Hot Yoga of the Heart." In particular, we'll explore their orientations to the divine Core of human nature (also known as "the Heart"), the Periphery of all our body-mind-selfhood and relations, and the three great Stages of Personhood: the Unawakened Persona, the Awakened Person, and the Personification of the Awakening Kosmos. A central axis that this whole investigation will hinge upon is the question of ego as "false" or "unreal" identity. For many participants this will be both a highly challenging and a powerfully liberating session.

Guest interviewee: Jed Bentley, Interning Teacher of Waking Down, Certified Rolfer.

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Session Six: Sacred Marriage and the Imaginal Bridal Chamber of Being

"Bridal mysticism" -- wherein the yearning soul becomes the spiritual "bride" of Christ -- is one of the hallmarks of Christian contemplative practice. In this session we explore and perhaps begin to experience new evolutionary revelations of the Bridal Chamber in our Heart of hearts.

Bourgeault's presentation of the sublime yet so-practical unitive wisdom of Jesus and Mary Magdalene unlocks gateways onto this mysterious path; our own practice and sharing of experience together may take us further yet. A secret shortcut of a kind may be found through deep meditation on what Bourgeault calls "the imaginal realm." We're going to practice going there – or, more accurately, discovering it here -- and finding out what we can see, feel, and come to know, anew.

Guest interviewee: Elizabeth Kelley, teacher, scholar, dancer, event producer, lover of the Divine Feminine, ordained priestess in the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene, www.mmagdalene.org.

Session Seven: Substituted Love -- The Super-Healing Charisma of the Christing Ones

Humanity's spiritual history is replete with remarkable accounts of what's known as "Substituted Love," wherein a more evolved or advanced soul takes on and relieves the karmic accumulations (in traditional Christian terms, the "sins") of less developed beings. The whole process of CHRISTING 2.0 democratizes the capacity for such extraordinary healing help along with the awakened singleness and the kenotic -- self-yielding, all-embracing, all-giving -- disposition that grants us the capacity to endure such sacrifices. In Session Seven we touch deeply into this ultimate service. What could possibly take place when great numbers of people are alive in and with this "Charisma," this special gift of embodied spirit that takes unique forms in highly developed Christing beings?

Guest interviewee: Rene Jewel Hansen, one of the earliest people who awakened with Saniel's help.

Session Eight: Anointing and Anointed -- The Secrets of the Beloved's Feet for CHRISTING 2.0

Our final formal session explores the most sublime practice that Mary Magdalene is said to have performed for Jesus and on his behalf: Anointing. We'll look into how that simple offering to him, both before and after his crucifixion, may have been utterly crucial to his own full Christing. And we'll contemplate how we can adapt anointing now into our own practice today. In our time we no longer depend on special adepts or heroic teachers in the ways we did before CHRISTING 2.0 became possible, actual, necessary, and even inevitable. Their roles are changing in the new era of great democratization. To benefit to the fullest from the past, we'll also look into the evidence in the whole Global Living Lineage for similar practices. We'll see what they have meant for others who, upon anointing the feet of their spiritual or personal beloved, discover that they are magnetizing God-ness all the way down to the ground. What a Mystery indeed!

Guest interviewee: Lisa Macy, advanced Waking Down practitioner, yoga teacher.

Bonus Interview: Sublime Union

Mercedes Kirkel, author of Mary Magdalene Beckons, discusses her forthcoming book, Sublime Union: A Woman's Sexual Odyssey Guided by Mary Magdalene (book two of The Magdalene Teachings).

Guest interviewee: Mercedes Kirkel, multi-award-winning author and Mary Magdalene channel.

Bonus Interview: Death & Resurrection

Elizabeth Kelley, ordained priestess in the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene, returns to the microphone to share her unique perspectives on the meaning of Easter for us regarding death and resurrection. She also tells more of the story of her decades-long quest exploring the mysteries of Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine in Christianity and other sacred traditions.

Guest interviewee: Elizabeth Kelley, teacher, scholar, dancer, event producer, lover of the Divine Feminine, ordained priestess in the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene.

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The image of Mary Magdalene on this page is from an original painting by Jennifer Mayol, a Senior Teacher of Waking Down and also a teacher of this style of painting to Linda Ma and others. Jen produced this piece in a burst of creativity last June during the Waking Down Teachers Association annual retreat. She had heard Saniel speak earlier that day about how Mary Magdalene has figured in his spiritual life and work and found herself moved to give the painting to him. We both feel it's the most beautiful, powerful and haunting, Spirit-transmitting image of Mary Magdalene we've ever seen, and we are grateful beyond words to Jen for this gift.

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