10 open-ended questions about embodied HEART-Awakeness

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From Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder, acclaimed pioneers of
embodied awakening—

Dear Friend,

saniel_bonder Greetings! And thank you for your interest in these considerations.

In mid-May, 2021, on his LinkedIn page Saniel Bonder began posting one response a day to "10 open-ended questions about embodied HEART-Awakeness."

For your convenience we decided to transfer the completed questions and responses to this page. It should make it easy for you and anyone else who's interested to read the questions and Saniel's short responses to them in order.

Now, you may wonder, "Wait a minute. What IS 'embodied HEART-Awakeness'??"

Fair enough. But not answerable in satisfying soundbites.

So he frames the questions and responses mostly around the possible effects and results of this way of being, in our lives, work, and relationships. That may motivate you to find your answer to that overarching question to your total, HEART-full satisfaction!

The day after completing the posting of the 10 questions and replies, Saniel hosted an hourlong conversation on Zoom to explore this material further. That lively discussion with a number of participants—and with Linda adding comments and playfully "zoom-bombing" us a time or two!—is now available at this link.

It's titled, "Your tantric anchor in being and engine of becoming." You could just go watch or listen now. It'll be more valuable, though, for you to read through the text of the questions and responses first. Here you go:

Question #1: Is embodied HEART-Awakeness more conducive to career success than all the efforts you can ever make?

Renowned consultancy McKinsey & Co. reported mid-pandemic that top CEOs were feeling pressed "to elevate 'to be' to the same level as 'to do.'"

Stably established, embodied HEART-Awakeness is a bio-psycho-energetic, conscious
"at-homeness" in our own skin. It's an unshakable calm, peace and wellness radiating 24/7 from every cell of our bodies, no matter what we're going through.

So if the "being" of embodied HEART-Awakeness doesn't contribute more to our career success than all our active efforts at "doing," it may well equal any or even all of them in its impact.

Question #2: Is embodied HEART-Awakeness more foundational to optimal total wellness than mindfulness practice?

No disrespect intended! Mindfulness practice is a great gift to humanity, and we honor those who teach and use it. It enhances their optimal total wellness and all whose lives they touch.

But, building on question #1, mindfulness is primarily something that people DO.

Great masters of mindfulness, like the venerable Thich Nhat Hahn, realize an ongoing "awareness of awareness" that is a quality of BEING. And a greatly enhanced form of whole-being wellness.

Embodied HEART-Awakeness is fundamentally a quality of BEING. It's primarily something that people ARE.

What we are primarily being is foundational to what we are doing, including practices to improve quality of life.

Wise realizers of embodied HEART-Awakeness recognize that it's foundational to their optimal total wellness—but not sufficient. To enhance their total wellness, many engage mindfulness practice and other, similar disciplines.

May many people everywhere enjoy both—and decide the answer to this question for themselves!

Question #3: Does embodied HEART-Awakeness give us greater
effectiveness—and pleasure—than states of flow?

World experts on flow Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal wrote in their 2017 bestseller, Stealing Fire:

"[W]e study the relationship between altered states and peak performance, focused primarily on the experience known as 'flow.' Defined as an 'optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best,' flow refers to those 'in the zone' moments where focus gets so intense that everything else disappears...Our sense[s] of self [and time] vanish...And all aspects of performance...go through the roof." (pp. 4-5)

In questions 1 and 2, we distinguished between being and doing. Here's another distinction: between altered states that come and go—flow being super-desirable—and an unshakably "deep-positive" condition underlying and infusing all states, positive and negative.

Embodied HEART-Awakeness is such a condition. Some who enjoy it also cultivate flow states. Which contributes more to their ongoing performance and pleasure? We'd have to ask them. (You can guess my answer!)

Question #4: Why is the name "embodied HEART-Awakeness" in some ways misleading?

Popular terms like "embodiment" and "embodied awakening" can sound like something intangible is "embodying."

A belief has been thundering down through the ages that reality is split. God is in Heaven. Matter, Theilard de Chardin learned, is at best the lowly handmaiden of Spirit—at worst, its mortal enemy. Every "I" is deluded by identification with the body. Life's goal is "liberation from the wheel of birth and death." Many who champion the divine within us still perpetuate primal dualisms.

I added "embodied" to "HEART-Awakeness" because earlier kinds of HEART-Awakeness reinforced that Spirit/Matter split.

The developmental path to embodied HEART-Awakeness does not grace material bodies from elsewhere.

It originates in our biological hearts.

It can include a sense of falling from the head into our hearts and bodies—thus, "Waking Down®."

But that falling is a symptom of the body's holistic, conscious enlivenment.

So Linda and I say, "The Sun in your HEART is rising." You are the All of existence, always crystallizing into renewed presence as this body-person you uniquely are.

Question #5: Is embodied HEART-Awakeness more effective than belief at filling "the God-shaped hole in the heart of every person"?

That phrase comes from the 17th century French genius Blaise Pascal's Pensees.

But a faithful translation doesn't mention the heart. It cites our craving, helplessness, loss of true happiness and futile seeking for it. It ends:

"...this infinite abyss can be filled only with an infinite and immutable object; in other words, by God himself."

I like both. Love that image, "the God-shaped hole in the heart of every person."

In today's explosion of applied neuroscience for wellness and awakening, the brain is supreme; the heart, neglected.

In religion and spirituality, a focus is often mental belief in a doctrine, a Dharma, a dogma.

The HEART's time is coming! Even longtime meditators are falling from head-centered identity into new heart-centeredness.

And we're realizing this Sun rising in and as our shared HEART IS our Godness. It is infinite and immutable, subject and object, more intimate to each than our very skin, yet mysteriously the same in everyone and everything—fulfilling beyond belief.

Even so, only someone who has at some time embodied belief-based faith and now enjoys this cellular HEART-Awakeness can give us an informed response to this question.

Question #6: Why the all-capitals spelling of HEART?

Why not just a capital H? Or, why any special capitalization at all?

It visually signals that what we mean by HEART may be uncommon.

HEART includes ordinary meanings of "heart": personal ego identity, love, compassion, empathy, tenderness, integrity, authenticity, courage.

It includes subtler qualities: soul identity, psychic sensitivity, awareness of the sacred, receptivity to the divine, extraordinary powers, multidimensional awareness.

And it includes qualities beyond both ego and soul: transcendental conditions and capacities of awareness and identity.

Ego is most associated with the material mass of the heart on the left side of the chest-soul, the central "chakra"-transcendent being, the right side.

Spelling the word with all caps signals the all-inclusive qualities of that one great HEART we all share, that is coming alive and awake in, as, and through every body, and all of us together.

This HEART includes all Spirit and all Matter and is the most essential identity of everyone and everything.

Personal and impersonal, earthly and transcendent, it's "the Center that just happens to be everywhere."

Whether all this justifies an all-caps spelling of HEART may only be answerable in the eye—and the heart and whole being—of each beholder.

Question #7: Is embodied HEART-Awakeness only now becoming accessible to great numbers of everyday people—and if so, why and how?

The earlier wording of this question was originally stated on LinkedIn at the end of question #6. It wasn't open-ended: "Why is embodied HEART-Awakeness only now becoming accessible to great numbers of everyday people?" That wording made unwarranted assumptions. It ruled out a range of possible answers.

My emphatic but unprovable answer is YES! Embodied HEART-Awakeness is only now becoming accessible to lots of everyday people.

So are many other qualities of "embodied awakening." An epochal, widespread quickening of the evolution of enlightenment has evoked that concept. Now it's becoming an increasingly popular meme.

Here's what I see: the first whitecaps are only now forming on this particular cresting wave of what may someday become a cultural tsunami. Mixing metaphors, these are massing currents in its viral "why and how":
  • Shifts in human culture toward democratizing nearly everything of value
  • Movements toward non-hierarchical collaboration in almost every field
  • Advances like AI that make mass customization increasingly viable
  • And—to Linda and me—driving all this, that shared HEART 's mysterious impulse to come alive, awake, and self-aware in, as, and through every body, and us all together

Question #8: Does embodied HEART-Awakeness better equip us to establish, sustain, and strengthen trust?

"Better," that is, than our current condition of being, if we're not living this "enHEARTenment"?

Fortune's April/May 2021 edition reports on corporate accountability under the cover title, "Trust and Consequences."

Trust in organizations hinges on degrees of trust between and among all their stakeholders-not only owners, staff, and customers, but also the communities they function in.

Extrapolating the bonds of trust needed, do they include the entire biosphere and all sentient beings? Many would say yes.

Are external expressions of trust only as strong as our trust in ourselves? Can we trust another when or in ways we do not trust ourselves?

And can we trust ourselves when we do not trust Being, the deeper ground of our and others' existence?

Well clarified, embodied HEART-Awakeness is an unshakable trust in Being. Also in Becoming, the process of endless changing that we see in ourselves and everywhere.

Does this unshakable trust in Being/Becoming better equip us than what we were living before to establish, sustain, and strengthen other kinds of trust? That may require answers in actions, not words.

Question #9: How does one get to this unshakable bodily enHEARTenment?

Linda and I know people who've spontaneously opened into this condition. Wouldn't count on it though!

Over the decades we've distilled a "HEART-Activation" resource. Hundreds have used this help from us to catalyze their own enHEARTenment. They may not use our language. But this at once transcendental and humane condition is, for most, unshakable.

The 3 parts of our HEART-Activation resource are:
  • HEART-Radiation
  • HEART-Education
  • HEART-Evocation
Your own exploration of the worldview and path we offer is central and crucial. That time-tested, well-proven path is best known as Waking Down in Mutuality®, or simply Waking Down®.

Each of those terms—Waking, Down, and Mutuality—designates a key arena of your personal and our collective healing and transformational work.

Question #10: Long term, what can I expect of a life of embodied HEART-Awakeness?

It depends on what you bring to it—what kind of life you want to have.

You're not going to be omniscient, omnipotent, or omnipresent. You'll work to be "omni-you."

You won't be free of karmas. Your ego will not have dissolved. You will not automatically master your mind, emotions, and body.

You will be established in:
  • an unshakable deep-joy abiding through all the happy and sad moments of your daily living
  • a fundamental wellness of being permeating all physical, emotional, and mental health and illness
  • a remarkable capacity to "hold" the good and the bad of your own and others' traits, actions, and communications
  • and a delight in the extraordinary mystery of ordinary things.
You'll go through lots of changes.

You'll choose ways you do and don't want to grow, relationships you do and don't want to cultivate or keep.

You'll suffer and you'll celebrate.

You'll enjoy victories and endure defeats.

You'll own more and more of your destiny and even your divinity—and your limitations and your total, so fragile humanity.

And you'll encounter plenty you could never expect is coming your way.

Click here to watch an hourlong video conversation on these questions and responses, Your tantric anchor in being and engine of becoming, hosted by Saniel.

And Click here to watch an additional hourlong conversation hosted by both him and Linda, God and the Heart.

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Wherever your journey may lead, we send you warm well wishes, lots of love, and deep HEART-blessings,

saniel and linda

saniel and linda

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